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Tenkukaikatsu – Meiji Jingu Forest: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Shikansuiyo – Art of the One Hundred Year Forest

Kiinseido – A Genealogy of Sculpture, from Hirakushi Denchu to Kohei Nawa

The main program of Meiji Jingu Forest Festival of Art consists of three art exhibitions.
For the first, starting on March 20, an outdoor sculpture exhibition will be held in the grounds of Meiji Shrine featuring the works of six artists. From June 6, an exhibition of new works by 30 artists, “Art of the One Hundred Year Forest” will open at the Meiji Shrine Museum, using the traditional Japanese media of folding screens, hanging scrolls, partition screens and folding fans. And from July 15, the exhibition “A Genealogy of Sculpture, from Hirakushi Denchu to Kohei Nawa” will open at the Homotsuden Treasure Museum.
Through these three exhibitions, we will examine the deep relationship between nature and the process of making art in Japan.